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E-Lists Marketing is a full-service marketing communications company.

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Businesses gain massive volume of marketing database over a period to carry out and maintain their operations, interact with their suppliers and clients, and compete in the marketplace. For example, corporations use Business data intelligence to reach their targeted customers with explicit messages over the Web, to prepare financial accounts, and to maintain their human resources. The first challenge companies face to manage the big-data accuracy.

E-lists Marketing data services is used by marketing teams across the globe to identify sales leads, to target niche buyer to assure your data is as up to date and clean. Our B2B lists contain higher level key contacts who make decisions on investment for their business. We’re a specialist in delivering cleansed business lists of senior managers and directors information across the globe.


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Our database is organized to help classify the contacts that are the best fit for your marketing campaign. Lists can be built from any target requirements including information such as revenue, title, company size, industry, geography. By creating targeted email lists, you’re only paying for those contacts you really want.

Database Solutions That Provide the Information You Need.

Our Team

E-lists Marketing provides full-service marketing intelligence

We deliver actual results for a broad diversity of customers nationwide and overseas. We’re specialists at generating new business for them, assisting clients to spend their marketing dollars wisely. We are a team of experienced, senior level consultants who develop winning business strategies and implement the marketing horsepower required to produce clear, recognizable and measured results.

George Joseph
President & CEO

Has nearly 18 years experience in business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing and managing business, technological, organizational, and cultural transformation in highly dynamic environments. George has extensive technical, marketing, sales and business management experience in enterprise and client software, distribution and the retail marketplace.Previously, he held key management roles in marketing, operations, sales, and finance at leading corporations including Mayo.

Jane Jones
Founder of Data.BIZ

Jeff Harvey serves as Director for E-lists Marketing. He is responsible for developing long-term business relationships with major clients of the firm. His background and involvement at E-lists Marketing has included all elements of the business, with particular focus on advertising and new business opportunities.

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